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    If you show me you don't give a fuck. I'll show you that I'm better at it...

    I forgot to eat...

    You obviously don't know me very well if you think for one damn moment that I'm going to put up with your bullshit. #ecards hahaha Right!

    Im not scared to honest, but some people are scared to hear the truth

    So true...

    Funny Teacher Week Ecard: The first day of school--The day when the countdown to the LAST day of school begins.

    Funny Ecards , this is probably my all time favorite Ecard. I say it daily.

    My degree of bitchy sarcasm depends entirely on your degree of dumbass stupidity.

    Sarcastic ecard



    If being sarcastic burned calories, I'd look like half an Olsen twin | eCards

    Live in the moment.

    Lord, please give me patience because if you give me strength, I'll also need a new identity and a one way ticket to a non-extraditing country.

    Bless me with patience... Not opportunities to be patient, I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to be working. The actual patience...

    I guess that makes me a fatty... I have an overwhelming amount of patience with some of the most annoying people in the universe - people with problem feet.

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    Some would say (and I've actually heard this): "No it's not..then they think they're right." LOL!!!! That literally makes me laugh as a fool will think they're always right, NO MATTER WHAT! So why waste your time? Let them think they're right or think what they want to Don't waste your time, don't waste your breath and don't be a fool in response to a fool. Most fools love to talk. Make your reply: Silence

    That knife you used to stab me in the back with came in handy. I used it to cut my ties with you.

    I finally got the last knife of the set you've been stabbing me in the back all these years. Heads up: I regift. | Birthday Ecard |

    Thanks for lying and backstabbing me.

    I'd appreciate it also if ppl wouldn't act so surprised if I know what I'm talking about (rare as that is)

    Backstabbing friend this has happened to me a few times.

    Funny quote - I dont hate you -