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silhouettes---******* Those with Perfect Dream's That are Bigger Than Themselves. The Night's Long Journey ©Cristie Henry

It was a peculiar sight, every balloon was filled with fish! As if they were. "Portable fishbowls.." he murmured, snorting a little


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"Qui met à profit le temps n’en perd pas une minute ." Shakespeare "Who turns to good account the time does not lose it one minute." Shakespeare

Photo credit: Bird Song poster, London Underground, via The Feather Collective. Original in colour. °

LOL Fly fishing ;) Congratualtions @Stan Xu Upchurch Your pin Fly Fishing is the winner of our Fishing Around the World Board Contest this week!

It's like she wanting to fly, and be free. Then when she wakes she's getting her dream. Birds can fly, and are always free.

Your guardian angel is always by your side. It is the closest thing to you having been with you since your first breath. The love and joy and the job of this angel is you. A lifelong resource of comfort, system sustenance, support, magical happening and elegant perfect timing. The angels job is to keep the flame of the Creators's pure love lit in you. -Jenny D'Angelo

Delivering dinosaurs for exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science. Arthur Pollock,1984.