Synonym garden - SO Cute and EASY. :)

Synonym Garden

Some more of my collection! Reading strips: they have sight words/word family words written on them- easy for a center!

Namebows make a personalized bulletin board display at the beginning of the year. Could add a little photo sun to the top


Plurals - this is so easy and useful!


Love this Word Wall


Could do this with Latin/Greek Roots too! Pinner said: Synonyms- have each student draw a word, and find their own synonyms... We could make a whole garden!

Daily objectives. I like how these are actually on the whiteboard. Makes for easy of use.

place value but use with 4-5 section paint chips for higher place value


This would be great at the beginning of the year. Maybe as a board for back to school night with student written goals for the school year.

Synonym Garden.

synonyms...i LOVE this because the colors on the paint strip are similar, but not exactly the same...just like the words

Synonym rolls!

Checkout this great post on Bulletin Board Ideas!

Prove it! Cite evidence to strengthen your point. High school English bulletin board - could definitely work for middle school

I love everything in this 1st grade room.... especially this parts of speech wall. LOVE the use of pocket charts.