Synonym garden - SO Cute and EASY. :)

Synonym Garden

18 FREE Word Sliders! Pefect for teaching word families! Use in literacy centers or during small group instruction

Daily objectives. I like how these are actually on the whiteboard. Makes for easy of use.

Ideas for using paint swatches in the classroom.


Paint chip boarder on my computer lab bulletin board for the 2013 ...

bulletin board

Could do this with Latin/Greek Roots too! Pinner said: Synonyms- have each student draw a word, and find their own synonyms... We could make a whole garden!

Birds for the wall

Synonyms / antonyms idea

Namebows make a personalized bulletin board display at the beginning of the year. Could add a little photo sun to the top


Adding Details! We always tell kids to "add details" in their writing. This easy visual helps clarify what we're talking about. A mini-lesson (or two or three) on each strategy will produce results in student writing much more than simply saying, "Add details!" ever will. Love it!

education blog with classroom management, classroom design and organization, teaching tips and much more :)) also love the paint chips as a border for bulletin boards, fun way decorate and can use to teach about hues and color

Easy adjective poster

Some more of my collection! Reading strips: they have sight words/word family words written on them- easy for a center!


Whole Brain Teaching

Great vocabulary builder...each student has a word on their forehead...other students give clues to student to help them figure out the word they have. Can use synonym, antonym etc.