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The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. This is perhaps the most beautiful lion I have ever seen.

Melanism Vs. Albinism

Melanism Vs. Albinism

Melanism Vs. Albinism (some of these are photoshopped, I'm sure, but there are several that appear not to be. An interesting phenomena for sure)>>> The pink dolphin isn't photoshopped or albino, it's just a baby river dolphin. They are pink.

The Maltese Tiger The unique Maltese Tiger is the rarest tiger in the world. It is also known as Blue Tiger and had been reported mostly from the Fujian Province of China. It is said to have bluish fur with dark grey stripes. The term Maltese comes from domestic cat terminology for blue fur and refers to the slate grey coloration. Most of the Maltese Tigers that have been reported belong to South Chinese subspecies. Existence of Blue Tigers has also been reported from Myanmar and South…

Okay, so this big fella doesn't really like to have his picture taken as you can see. But can you tell us what cat breed this royal feline comes from? Unscramble the letters to find out: O-N-L-I. This one is easy. But the next one may not be. Game on!

Inferences Using Informational Text: 4th and 5th Grade

"Why would a butterfly land on a deer's nose?" and exploration of other science mysteries...

Born in Hawaii, Zoe is the only known captive golden zebra in existence... beautiful...I want her sooooo bad!!!

Jaguar ~ by: Josef Gelernter. Jaguars with melanism appear entirely black, but their spots are visible. Black melanism affects about 6% of the population, well above the rate of mutation. Melanistic jaguars are informally known as black panthers, but (as with all forms of polymorphism) they do not form a separate species.