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Winter Cardinals on Goldenrod ... a painting by Larry Zach.

Winter Cardinals on Goldenrod

"Winter Cardinals on Goldenrod" by Larry Zach ~~ Cardinals are active songbirds and sing a variety of different melodies. Unlike many songbirds, both male and female cardinals sing, and the female often vocalizes with song from her nest.

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Image from http://www.thegardenerseden.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/tiny-birds-nest-%E2%93%92-michaela-thegardenerseden.com_.jpg.

I love Springtime and the nests I find in my garden---I'm happy to think that the birds in Nature chose my garden to birth their new babies.

Oh, there once was a Puffin  Just the shape of a muffin,  And he lived on an island  In the bright blue sea.

Mazzy: "Look at that baby penguin!" Me: "It looks like a penguin but it's actually a bird called a Puffin." Mazzy: "A puffin bird?" Me: "Yep.

Baby Hummingbirds. I love these lil birds. I read that they will nest in Ficus tree's

BaBY HuMMiNGBiRDS ____I love these lil birds. I read that they will nest in Ficus tree's

Collection of birds nests.  (Inspiration Resource blog, source not identified). I'd love to see these made into cards for a memory game for children, focusing on the most different for younger children and requiring more careful looks from older or more advanced children.

I love nests, beautiful collections from nature.and what a collection this is.Collection of nests

This is a Quetzal, a bird that was sacred to the Mayans & Aztecs.

To Aztecs Mayans: "god of the air." Feathers used by Mayans as money. Now the National Bird of Guatemala, who's currency is still called the "quetzal.

Sizzle chick

Bantam white frizzle polish roo chick ♥ -- Frizzle is a mutation in the chicken in which the feathers grow so that they curve outward, instead of lying smoothly along the bird's body. It can occur in many breeds.