We have this hanging in the Girls bathroom! I love it, almost as much as their freckles! *Beauty Quote Mirrors*

Yaaay for freckles!

Marilyn Monroe quote

Hah whatever. I hate my freckles. They're cute on other people just not me



Love me some Kid President.

I've always been proud of my freckles and fair skin, as a sign of my Irish heritage - and this quote makes me even more so. :) So beautifully, simply put!

A Virgo doesn't even have to say anything for you to feel their wrath, just one look, and you already know they don't want to be bothered.

A girl without freckles....cute quote! Funny / humor / women / girls / red hair / freckles

Twenty years from now...

A Virgo doesn't want to be everyone's friend. They're picky and only choose those worthy of their time.

I love what you are!

freckle star......

fall in love with a redhead quote.. kinda funny that I'm considering going strawberry lol => nobody tell my mom!!!!