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Gossiping Welsh women--vintage print *Humph* ~ I bet they were conducting business just didn't want the men to get jealous~ LOL

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A holiday at 4mph: Canals, quiet and calm on a narrowboat break in Wales

Narrowboat along the Llangollen Canal in Wales

Hay-on-Wye, Wales is often described as “the town of books” thanks to its large collection of bookstores and libraries, and none are more magnificent than Honesty Bookshop, a 24-hour open-air bookshop on the grounds of Hay Castle. The books, which are kept in bookcases against the castle wall, are paid for through a small letterbox. Elsewhere on the castle grounds, a mansion built in the 1660s is used for second-hand book sales.

Bryn Celli Ddu. is a prehistoric site on the Welsh island of Anglesey located near Llanddaniel Fab. Its name means 'the mound in the dark grove'. The Summer Solstice sun lights up a quartz stone at the back of the chamber.

7/10/12-A rare Welsh manuscript, The Laws of Hywel Dba, setting out a set of laws from the 10th Century king was bought by the National Library of Wales for $840,000 at Sotheby’s in London. Only 80 medieval Welsh manuscripts are known to exist. 90 years ago the last manuscript written in ancient Welsh came up for private sale. The Hywel book, written on vellum in the 1300’s, was sold by the Historical Society of Boston. The manuscript was brought to America by Welsh immigrants 150 years ago.

Chepstow Castle (Welsh: Cas-gwent), looms and broods atop a cliff across the River Wye which separates England and Wales.