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You think he's what makes the sun shine, but darling, he's not. He's what makes your eyes tear and your cuts bleed. He's the thoughts in your head that rip you apart and, my god, I know you love him but he's killing you.

I'm staying out of my DMs. All these hot guys are coming out of nowhere



Agreed! That's why spending "quality" time together is important to me. Let's do something fun. Like....make new trails (hint hint). That's how you stay close. That's how you keep the connection. You make memories. And they build a foundation.

Its only f***ed up when youre on the losing end, the truth is, we all do this at some point in our lives and looking back, it is often best thing you could have done for yourself! If you wanna fly, you gotta let go of the shit that is holding you down!