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[via] If one was to ask me what my single, all time favorite, bible verse is--this may be it. So much power in so few words. Who says word-full days could only be Wednesdays? Words on a Thursday anyone? Best wishes, Grace

Quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

uncannyx-citement has my heart, body and soul. 💜 Things that make me happy ... Him, mermaids, sunflowers, dandelions, Alice in Wonderland and the beach. This blog is NSFW & is for those over the age of 18

Roald Dahl - Lukewarm Is No Good | The Fresh Exchange

~La Dolce Vita: This Week's Quote

25 Things To Do When You're Feeling Down

Although it's one of my favourite quotes, Fitzgerald did not say it. Benjamin Button did. The movie version, not the book. Misquote much?

You Are Perfect Just As You Are - 8x10 on A4 Modern Art Print in Classic Black and White


Attention seekers are an embarrassment to the human population. Try thinking about what you post/pin before you say it. Would you want to read that if you saw someone else post it?? If your answer is "yes" you need meds and psychological intervention.