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Back when lunch was less than a buck! A burger, fries, and a Coke resting on the car window of a 55 Chevy. My mom use to be a "car hop" at one of these drive in burger joints.

nice...the good old days

Pull in to a drive-in restaurant, and a car-hop rushed to your window, took your order, then returned with your food. Or, you placed your order on the speaker and the car hop brought it out.

I used to get this magazine! I had forgotten all about it until I saw it again!

I loved Highlights magazine--the only trouble was that I only got to read it when I went to the dentist's office!

High Beam floor switch you pushed with your foot to switch from low to high beam lights while driving. Then when you were in a car with the switch on the steering wheel, you'd be stomping the floor like crazy!

Drive in Movies speakers

Drive-In Movie Sound System.Speakers at the drive in.one for your car.one for the car on the other side of you.what fun it was! Not so much fun to drive away at the end of the movie with the speaker still clipped to your window!

K-mart blue light special

K-Mart blue light specials. I was teased so bad at school because of my clothes and the kids all said they were K-Mart blue light specials.

Remember this glue in elementary school?  Used to cut pictures from sales flyers and catalogs to glue with this onto paper for Christmas lists!

Remember this glue in elementary school? So messy.I preferred the Elmer's White Paste with the little brush in the top of the lid

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True story!

No Bottled Water, We Drank From A Garden Hose! # Country Life # Country Girl Way Hose its the best tasting water there is

Boooooooring Filmstrips in class, but Much Better than some of the other stuff we had to do. PLUS Flimstrip/Film days usually meant NO HOMEWORK! YAY!

do you remember these film strip projectors? the fan was loud and the film strip took a few minutes to roll back up! :-) I must have been such an obnoxious student because I always got to turn the knob.

Where's the Beef?

Where's the Beef Lady. This campaign for Wendy's starred an played by Clara Peller. By Peller was fired from Wendy's after declaring that she had "Found the Beef" in an ad for Prego pasta sauce.

A blast of the past, come and see the latest carseats at www.carseatsforinfants.net

Old school child car seat. You could unsnap the seat part and the child could stand. Why are we all still alive? I had a laundry basket wedged behind the front seat.

Oh the paneling and furniture style television....with the rabbit ears to pick up NBC, ABC, & CBS!!!

Oh the paneling and furniture style television.with the rabbit ears to pick up NBC, ABC, & CBS!

going to the front of the room to sharpen your pencil...

Vintage Sanford Pencil Sharpener - Mountable 3 Different Ways

Whoah. Now these are old "school"! Haha

vintage photo PAPER CUTTER wooden 13 maple by Sugar Cube Vintage, used this about a million times at school

Tube socks..   Think I'm going to have to bring them back starting this year

Tube socks - the laundry never seemed to come out with matches every time . what did my sons do with those other socks? We should have had mom get-togethers that were BYOS - bring your own socks and maybe we could have matched some of them up!