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Oceanic Biomimicry: 13 Designs Inspired by the Sea

A nautilus shell is one of nature’s most perfect shapes, and it is from this sophistication that architect Manifred Nicoletti drew inspiration for the BioLab Squadron in Taiwan, which are set to be among the most technologically advanced laboratories on the planet. Nicoletti’s honorable mention-winning proposal not only used the nautilus shape as the basis of the two labs, but delved further into biomimicry with an outer skin pattern that emulates the four symbols attributed to the DNA… - Sand Babel: Solar-powered 3D printed skyscraper made with desert sands | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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Incredibly Leaf-Like: 12 Bio-Inspired Plant-Based Designs

Just like the surface of a leaf, the ‘skin’ of the Habitat 2020 building reacts to external stimuli, opening, closing and breathing throughout the day through a system of ‘cellular’ openings that allow light, air and water into the apartments . It improves indoor air quality and provides natural air conditioning – the skin can even absorb moisture from the air and collect rainwater before purifying and filtering it so it can be used by the building’s

KMUTT Learning Center is a Study on Biomimicry - eVolo ... www.evolo.us600 × 600Search by image For the Learning Innovation, the design by MAB Studio (Achawin Laohavichairat) used biomimicry as a natural inspiration to make the building harmony with ...

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DNA-Shaped Suspension Bridge Inspired by Olympic Games' Five Rings

Architecture firm Penda and engineering firm Arup have teamed up to undertake the ambitious goal of redesigning the suspension bridge, with their newly commissioned project to build the San Shan Bridge in China. The bridge will be completed in time for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, and will span across the Gui River connecting Beijing’s city center to Zhangjiakou. The inspiration for San Shan Bridge is a combination of the Olympic symbol and its five rings, the location’s…

Super Trees. Horiculture project in Singapore. Eighteen trees, eleven are built w/environmentally sustainable materials. The trees will use solar energy. Architects: Wilkinson Eyre and Grant Associates.