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It says, "What if I told you ProBlack does NOT mean Anti-White?" It doesn't mean anti-anything. It just means for Black empowerment and pro Black unity, and pro Black intellect. Just like every other race. Nothing different.... Very true indeed

It's Time To Call Out 'Nice Racists' And Their White Fragility

It’s Time To Call Out ‘Nice Racists’ And Their White Fragility - When you think of a racist what pops in your mind? White supremacists? The KKK? You usually think of white people down south right? You know, the ones wh...

Another installment of Brown in Kansas, a cartoon series by Steffany Brown. (Want to see more? That’s up to Steffany, but reblog anyway to show your support!)

White Privilege ; an effort to silence people the left don’t agree with. A.k.a, reverse racism. cartoon by A.F.Branco ©2014