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Jewelers workbench I am not fond of pegboard, because the hooks always seem to come loose. Also I would have used 4x4 for the legs. I am kind of fussy about stability.

Digital Art by Tida K

{Do you know how much this picture hurts me. That's Heidi, but she's not really there. That's Janus, searching the rubble amidst the Burning, desperately hoping that the rumor she was in the Territories during the fire is false, that he didn't cause her death, that she's there somewhere.}

COMO ATIÇAR A BRASA Isenção de ICMS leva mais estrangeiros à feira SP Arte Matéria originalmente publicada por Márcia Abos no Yahoo Notícias em 2 de janeiro de 2012. SÃO PAULO - Representante de artistas como o britânico Damien Hirst e o polonês Miroslaw Balka, a White Cube de Londres, uma das grandes galerias de arte contemporânea do mundo, participará pela primeira vez de uma feira de arte no Brasil. Ela é um dos destaques da oitava edição da SP Arte, que acontece entre 9 e 13 de maio…

DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER! Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 10:00am PST. Children who enjoy what they are doing become actively engaged and remain focused for a longer period of time. In this webinar, Ruth Harbin-Miles, Don Balka, and Ted Hull will discuss encouraging and challenging mathematics games and activities that are aligned to the Common Core and other state standards.

MIROSLAW BALKA; What is medical care in an environment like this? Is it purely a technical affair, like fixing a machine, or has it something to do with healing in a broader sense? The original meaning of ‘healing’ is not only related to the body, but to the soul as well. Healing has shamanistic roots and in shamanism body and soul are not separated. Important to me is that the work casts a shadow