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Japanese style alphabet

Fun Font

Confection Typeface by Tom Kennedy (4 styles)

Ive never actually seen this used as a wiccan alphabet. as it origionally stated. But it is cool and I like using different alphabets in spells

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letras de disney | Aprender manualidades es facilisimo.

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Alchemical symbols arranged with alphabetical correspondences. This is available as a free True Font download for your PC at dafont.com. The font is called Agathodaimon - type that in the search box at the site, Another excellent set of characters for secret writing in a Book of Shadows.

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pages from 'The Writing Pen..', which was designed by Felice Polanzani and published in Rome in 1768 by P&G Samonati. This copybook consists of a title page and nineteen engraved plates featuring alphabets and writing samples reflecting contemporary business and letter styles. It may have been aimed at clerks and office worker-types of the day, who could practice their handwriting using the commercial letter and fine cursive samples as models.

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Hand Lettering - A Collection of Amazing Brush Lettering Tutorials and Resources

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