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This is another album covered that was designed by Robert Beatty. He designed it for Oneohtrix Point Never. What I really like about this design is the simplicity of it. It is composed completely of rectangles. I also love how clean the design is. However, I am curious as to what the lone rectangle standing in the room represents.

30 Cool Tree Logos

I love the way that the tree was shown and it's roots are included. I think it looks really cool how the tree becomes a complete cicle.

I like this typography. I think it would look good for posters or designs that want to have a classic feel to it. It reminds me of the font the great gatsby movie title was in except it's filled.

Orologio da parete ruota colore di oggettivare

I really love this clock. The different times are represented by the different colors. All of the colors are like a color wheel and the tints and shades are shown.

I really like the concept first-- its very beautiful. I like how the designer chose to go with neutral colors instead of bold and bright colors.

I like how this design is both a bee and a flower. At first glance, the bee stood out, then I noticed the flower which I believe is what the designer wanted. I like the color scheme and the simpleness.

The progression of the colors in the photograph make this piece very unique. I love the actually choice of colors in this piece as well. This design is very simple and there is just the right amount of negative space.

Ikko Tanaka Poster for the Ikko Tanaka exhibition at the Ginza Graphic Gallery, Tokyo [2012] | poster design: Kazumasa Nagai