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I don't know who made this I just found it on facebook and thought it was funny. Whoever made this is awesome!

Its like that story where a brother and a sister were both homosexuals but their parents didnt know and were homophobes so they pretended to date the boyfriend/girlfriend of the other so that at night the parents would make the two girls sleep together and the two boys too

It's the only one I'm good at too

Holiday Writing Prompts Part 3-Dec 2016-As she walked towards the exit of her favorite coffee shop, she glanced down at her cup.

The body language is too funny...

Everyone! Please take note! These bois are the walking MEMES

Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

Snoopy and his Dog House LEGO Building Instructions

LEGO Building Instructions – Make Snoopy and his doghouse, and there is even a Woodstock too! Oh man, this might be our new favorite LEGO project! The boys have been arguing over who gets to display it in their room, so I solved that conflict by saying that it’s mine. 🙂 Gresham and I were...Read More »