Rice krispie pizza, what a fun way to make sure you have a sweet treat for those who want/have to eat Gluten Free. #easter #glutenfree

Peeps bouquet !

Free Printable... Post on a friend or neighbor's door and hide eggs, a great reminder of what Easter is all about! I wana do this!

Rice Krispie Carrots

All Natural Easter Platter Healthy Easter / Holiday Recipes

Bunny Marshmallows ~ Grab some large marshmallows, candies for the ears and nose (here they used Tropical Fruit Mike and Ike's) and a black edible marker

Rice Krispy Ornaments with rolos as the tops. This is so cute!!

Bunny Pancakes #easter

Peep Kebobs :-) #Easter #Spring #Treats

oooooh, I'm picturing these with red, white and blue chocolate with sprinkles. :)

Rice Krispy Treat Bunny Pops

Fun Rice Krispie Treats for Easter!!!

Rice Krispie Peeps

Go beyond basic Rice Krispies Treats this Easter and swap in a different cereal (like the colorful Fruity Pebbles that In Katrina's Kitchen used for these eggs) and then push the mixture into plastic Easter eggs (spray them with cooking spray first) for about 10 seconds. Make 'em extra cute by setting them out for your kids in a clean egg carton.

Bird Nest Rice Krispy Treats

spring cookie pizza

Rice Krispies Easter Egg Treats rice krispies rolled in the shape of an egg. dipped in frosting and sprinkles!

easter treats

Easter Cupcakes and Treats with M's

Rice Krispy Easter Eggs

Peeps on skateboards