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☮ Yardbirds, Captain Beefheart, Moby Grape, Iron Butterfly. Santa Monica Civic Center. 1967. Classic Rock vintage poster ..

Winter Soldier is locked and loaded. His overall is 87. He can snipe players and has great stealth. He also has good strength he lift up street lights with his metal arm. "Bucky Barnes is not here right now"..."this fan art!! "

May Your Soul be touched by a Beautiful Song Every Day... Listen to Songs Like Double's Captain of Her Heart... That Song is No. 1 on my Music List of Slow Jams Ever!!!

Louis Armstrong was part of a revolution that occurred during this era known as the Harlem Renaissance. African American individuals began to have deep interest and involvement in music, art, and writing. Louis was a big a part of the music side, as his music is still praised to this day.