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I need this taped up to my mirror. Especially for those days when I want to talk myself out of working out which is often.

I need to read this over and over as I push myself to be something I might not be need to be...skinny!!!

I struggle with this daily. No matter how much weight I've lost, how much muscle I've gained. Its still an issue, a mental issue that I am working on.

Reasons to be Fit: Being healthy is the key. Not what size, or how skinny you are. Strength and health are more important.

Reasons to be fit!! Omg I want tht sooo bad and then I asked my grandma how to get than and she said "Do push up and sit ups" and I said "Wow!!! The two things I HATE!! Lol

i love this blog (reasons to be fit). it features great reminders of what fitness is all about.

To be in the best shape you've ever been in.

So true. I feel so much more rested if I'm exercising regularly....Wish I'd known that YEARS AGO!!!!!

to be known as "in shape" Not, Oh you're so thin you don't need to workout! Well you know what, I have a heart, lungs and a brain. I also have joints and muscles just like the next person. I need to keep it all in shape and working til I'm old and gray...So when I'm gone everyone will say, Damn she looked good! lol!!!

Couldn't lift my own weight 8 months ago...

You would be surprised what you're capable of! Push yourself just a little harder each workout... and you'll start being amazed at what you can do!!! (But please don't do lunges like her... make sure to always keep your front knee behind your toe!!!)