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Binislakan - Filipino Folk Dance 120610

Traditional Filipino Dancer

Karatong Subli

Filipino Dance

Filipino Dance

Authentic Filipino Spaghetti | pinchofyum.com

A young girl dances in the annual Aliwan Fiesta in Manila. The event, known as "The Mother of All Fiestas," showcases Filipino cultures and heritage.

RIGODON DE HONOR: Filipino-Spanish Quadrille Folk Dance Introduced by the French People - YouTube

Tinikling Basic Steps

Traditional dress in Philippines

Tinikling Grand theatre

Philippines (Champion Team) - 2009 World Culture Folk Dance Competition

Manang Biday

Filipino Cultural Dance: Terrace, BC February 11, 2012

Philippine Folk Dance Society - Philippine Music, Philippine Folkdance, Philippine Musical Instruments, Filipino movies

Filipino Traditional Dress - Asia Finest Discussion Forum - the candle dance, it has another name , but I can't think of it right now, but it is just beautiful to see!

DANCES - Philippine American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh promotes Filipino heritage

Bakya - Philippine Folk Dance

SARONG BANGGI Philippine Folk Dance

Philippine Folk Dance - Kuratsa

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