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The mosquitoes don't even get near you ! What repellent do you use?" "What are you talking about I AM the repellent, (or at least my vitamin B filled blood is)"

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30 awesome life hacks for staying happy, healthy & fit | HellaWella

30 awesome life hacks for staying happy, healthy & fit

People always tell me they don't have time to stretch - it doesn't take that long! I always do it before bed and when I wake up.

1000 Life Hacks--Stretch for 5 minutes before going to bed. Your muscles will be more relaxed and it'll be easier to find a comfortable position to sleep in.

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I hate hiccups!

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Nausea fix

LOL. Look at this

This has been a lifesaver for me for years. I am constantly amazed that no one else has heard of this. Even in mid-lurch, starting-to-wretch -- I keep those little tear-open alcohol wipe packs in my purse.

My rubbish phone makes me do this all the time

1000 Life Hacks by colleen If you're in an area where you should have cell phone service but don't, put your phone on airplane mode & then switch back. This causes your phone to register and find all the towers in your vicinity.

Keep the flies away easily with this combination half a spray bottle of Pine-Sol and the other half with water. Intended for Outdoor use. ~Practikal ideas...

Pesky flies are at it again! These annoying little creatures are attracted to decaying organic filth. try our Home Remedy to get rid of them.

Fly repellent. I wonder if this works. In Utah, we also need something to keep the wasps away!...djg

Keep flies away. Lemongrass on cotton balls in a mason jar also works. I put 3 drops on each cotton ball. 3 cotton balls per jar. No lid.

Lemon With Cloves Will Repel Flies and Mosquitos! Enjoy your summer without living with flies, mosquitos and little fruit flies. It's so simple!

Lemon With Cloves Will Repel Flies & Mosquitos! Enjoy your summer without living with flies, mosquitos, & little fruit flies.

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I need mint and lavender planted around my house 5 Best Homemade Mosquito and Insect Repellent insects camping diy diy ideas easy diy bugs tips life hacks all natural camping hacks good to know repellent repellents