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Ein alte Ansicht aus der Dorfstraße (heute Hotel Nindler, Haus Egger / Volksbank und Haus Walchensteiner) Durch Klick auf das Bild wird die Ansicht vergrößert !

Click here for the English version of this  post Früher, in Deutschland, war ich kein grosser Freund von Lebkuchen. Di...

Clickers!! How to drive your parent's crazy! The nun's in Catholic grade school used the clickers too. That meant shut up, come here, stop that and whatever else they wanted to say to the group.

Dress 1910-1912 To See more Black VIntage Dresses visit our Pinterest Board

Coronation outfit (dress, gloves, shoes), 1860, at the Royal Armory, Stockholm. Worn by Queen Lovisa of Sweden (née Princess Louise of the Netherlands) for her coronation at Stockholm Cathedral on May 3, 1860. CLICK THROUGH FOR BIGGER IMAGES.

cheers to not being a blue-eyed mutant! woot lol but I guess i'll die 9 years earlier so that kinda sucks lol