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A subtle braid can make a big difference.

These 15 Animals Look Totally Different Without Their Hair. The Bear Blew My Mind!

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The Bear Blew My Mind!


I am pretty sure I will freak out our Corgi when I just watch her sleep. The way Corgis sleep is just too much and too much cuteness.

It's funny how people have no idea that's a show cow .. And that people even show cows in that matter lol

Tumblr Tuesday 4-8

I read "fluffy milk horse" and was like "yeah that's actually what it is. It's funny how they put "fluffy" in front of its name. Wait no that's called a cow" Noel

Ninja hamster!

Kung-Fu-Hamster by Little Princess :) Thats relly a guinea pig so (Kung-Fu-Guinea pig by little Princess)

Cute sheepies!

15 Sheep You Can't Believe Even Exist (The sheep in the picture or are called Valais Blacknose sheep).

Maybe this will be you one day Elizabeth..when Micah gets you that Maltese you dream of having!Hes a sweetheart,I know he'll get it for you:D

Walking The Dog

Because walking your dog would look ridiculous. people are ridiculous. This is seriously stupid. America wonders why they are fat- and their families and pets too. Yes she is walking but hello? This is seriously wrong.

Ironlight ~ https://twitter.com/iron_light

torterraoftropius: ms-macky: Caucasian Ovcharka aka Caucasian Mountain Shepherds aka Mini Russian Bears 200 pounds of Bear hunting cuteness bear-pups

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Otters smile for a picture

Pero... ¿quién eres, cosina encantadora? ¡tu sonrisa!

A smile? Could be a grimace.

baby got shell?

Funny pictures about Disco Turtle Wants To Dance. Oh, and cool pics about Disco Turtle Wants To Dance. Also, Disco Turtle Wants To Dance photos.

Baby sloth, eight months old.

An eight-month-old baby sloth Camillo yawns at the zoo in Halle, eastern Germany. (Waltraud Grubitzsch/DPA via AFP/Getty Images)

For some reason this makes me smile :)

It's pretty much just a hedgehog in a bathtub. But I love my tiny little hedgehog in a bathtub.


Running in the sow is too hard but they are the only one who can

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking Six ways to control your dogs barking

6 Ways to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking - Humane Society

Lil Jackass!!!! Lol!

Baby burros in Nevada's Bullfrog Herd Management Area. We're putting together a list of the best places in the U. to see wild horses and burros. Do you have a favorite spot?