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    Chief Massasoit Statue by Cyrus E. Dallin, Salt Lake City, Utah - a tribute to the Wampanogas chief who greeted the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts. The original statue was erected at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1921. This 1927 duplicate statue stands in front of the east doors of the state Capitol.

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    Native American Chief Massasoit #nativeamerican #native #american #art

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    Massasoit Native American Chief statue byu campus |

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Metallic Beings

A life-size bronze statue of African-American civil-rights stalwart Rosa Parks, sitting on a bus bench, the focal point of a plaza at a Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, station that was completed in 2009 in Dallas, Texas

Carpeaux: Pêcheur napolitain à la coquille

Wooden sculpture of a lady (14th century) at the Bardini Museum, Florence

I really enjoy this statue for the simple fact that whoever crafted this did it with love and a lot of talent is also seen to be able to make this.

Giovanni Duprè (1817-1882) | Abele morente. Ermitage

Johann Sebastian Bach

Fontaine Estrangin, place Estrangin-Pastré, Marseille 6e #Marseille #fountain

Lady with Borzoi - french sculptor George Coste. Art Deco - 1930.

The Watcher from the abandoned gardens of The Guild Inn, Toronto, Ontario.

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The Sentinels & Gale Force Nun II. Sculptures by Philip Jackson

Michael Parkes Love this!!!

having fun with statues part 2

having fun with statues

Statue of Boudica, Westminster Bridge, London. Boudica, also known as Boadicea or Buddug (d. AD 60 or 61) was queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

Ethelfleda (scourge of the Vikings), with her young nephew Athelstan (destined to be the first King of all England) at her side.

Ancient kneeling Norse warrior statue from Norwegian church

Alfred the Great, King of the English. A wise man and a great leader. Google Image Result for upload.wikimedia....

Viking Statue in Bergen Norway

Statue of Leif Eriksson, Son of Erik the Red in Qassiarsuk, South Greenland

Leif Eriksson in Iceland: A statue of Leif Eriksson in Reykjavik, Iceland. Many believe that this famous Viking explorer was the first European to reach North America, sometime around the year 1000. (Photo Credit: Macduff Everton/CORBIS)

giant Moorish statue on front of a building in Germany. It is surprising the large numbers of Moorish/African figures and paintings across Europe. And, in-case anyone try to explain this away by saying that Black figures appeared there because of slavery, would be a lie. Who would make slaves their Patron Saint? Or to use them as emblems on coats of arms, flags, etc...?? They don't appear in the Americas, or the Caribbean, places where vast more Black slaves were kept.


The first Statue of Liberty given to the US by France was a Black woman that the US turned down so France replaced that one with the version currently in New York harbor. This Black Lady Liberty also made by France is found on the Island of St. Martin.