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    Lovely cacti and succulent garden

    Cephalocereus senilis (Old Man Cactus, Bunny Cactus, White Persian Cat Cactus) → Plant characteristics and more photos at: www.worldofsuccul...

    Strange plants on Earth - Lithops have evolved to resemble rocks, yet appear in bright colours. Plants that don't appear conventional seem more other-wordly than anything with leaves. (Article: 12 bizarre real-life plants that look like sci-fi alien monsters, Hoovler, 08/11)


    Euphorbia neohumbertii

    Hoodia plant - Google'da Ara

    Huernia zebrina Stapelia

    Rhipsalis capilliformis

    I planted a "S" vertical frame, after my first initial!

    Vertical succulent planting

    Echinopsis sp. forma cristata

    Christmas Cactus Beautiful

    Succulents in an old fountain

    Ariocarpus trigonus

    Gorgeous succulents and container! I like how the greys, purples & greens of the plants work so well with the grey container.

    Sherman Library Gardens Corona del Mar, California

    Succulent Garden | 14 Simple Cinder Block Outdoor Crafts

    Dragon Fruit ~ I did not know Dragon Fruit grow from Cacti

    Elizabeth Gamble Garden, Palo Alto gardens

    1- Lithops _ are truly fascinating little plants. Lithops are perfect for people to grow who don’t have a lot of space because they are small and can grow really well in a pot on the windowsill. Lithops should be cared for like other succulents by watering sparingly during winter and increasing water during the summer months. Placing various pebbles and semi-precious stones around the plants in a pot can really bring out the colours of the plant and add interest.

    mini ZEN garden

    It looks like a bouquet, but it's a cactus in bloom Cleistocactus samaipatanus flowers by The Ruth Bancroft Garden, via Flickr

    Hoodia pilifera