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For the beginning witch, Herbal Chart By Use and How To Use Them

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This naturally aromatic Full Moon Crystal Incense Potion will bring the power of magick and intent into your Full Moon spell workings and rituals. Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or heat and flame resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk. The aroma will intoxicate and fill the air, inside or out of doors, with lovely pure natural fragrance and the power of the Full Moon. Keep away from children and pets.

Pagan... "To be a Witch is to be a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things. If this path is yours, may you walk it with honor, light and integrity."

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Understanding Wicca vs. Witchcraft

ritual offerings or amulets or spells with herbs, candles, crystals, etc. Crystals and candles

Witch Cottage: #Witch #Balls.

* Kitchen Witch tip: put sage leaves in your window cleaner, ask for protection and only those who mean you well can enter. So mote it be. )0(

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