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The seeds of wind by NataliaDrepina

Fade into Darkness by NataliaDrepina

Earth Witch: #Earth #Witch.

Earth Witch: #Earth #Witch.

Circle Casting Chant

Spagyrics | The creation of herbal medicines using alchemical procedures, for healing, meditation, initiation, and spiritual work

The Black Hat Society

altar inspirations





Wish bottles, write down your wishes on slips of parchment paper, add items that might reflect the wish including herbs, trinkets, gemstones and so on that seem to match the wish. Put on your alter on the new moon and keep it there till the full, then place in a special box in the back of a drawer, or bury under a special tree, and do your best to forget it, letting the wish go free to the god and goddess to fulfill or not according to your best outcome for your life. Blessed Be!

Meditation time

Viking Knives, another appropriate woman knife. Work in a sheath suspended from her belt or brooches, useful for textile crafts and everyday small chores.

The priestesses of the Vikings


Beautiful integration of Wiccan symbols, elements & seasons

Artist unkown #magic #women #forest #witch #circle #occult

Keep it surreal

Keep it surreal

Witchy days...

forest maiden, fantasy, medieval