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i noticed that when i watched it the first time and experienced death

This Yogurt Carton Was Thrown Out in 1976. What it Looks Like Now Shows Why We Need to Drop Plastic

Contents consumed in minutes 40 years ago, very real possibility consumer has died, bell joining other pollution for 40 years & would likely still be "around" in another 40 years! We can't keep trashing the Planet like this folks !

this needs to s t o p

Hiking the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island - ideal for those who like it rugged or families who want to go for a gentle stroll!

Weeds – How to forage for free superfoods. Many weeds are healthier than the greens you can buy from the greengrocers. Here's an overview of the benefits of eating weeds and weedy superfoods for beginner foragers. I recommend beginner foragers start with these easy to recognise weeds: Dandelion, Chickweed, Purslane, Fat Hen/Lamb’s Quarters, Scurvy weed, Sowthistle, and Stinging nettle.

Turn and face the mountain in your life. Stop running or you will end up spending your whole life running away. Face your mountain now and overcome it.

9 Wild Edibles To Find In The Desert: At first glance, the desert looks barren; it’s dry, with very few plants and even fewer animals. However, at closer inspection, there are many ways to avoid starvation in a survival situation in the desert if you know what to look for. Finding wild edibles in the desert can be a tricky thing but with the proper knowledge, you won’t starve.