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Peter Maier: 1908 Indian Racer. 2005. P.S. It's a fucking painting.

"Together As A Whole" Another statue inside the Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway. The figure is carved from a single block of granite rock. Inside this park is a subsection called the Vigeland Sculpture Park, where lots and lots of statues and sculptures like this one are on permanent display outside. A total of 212 statues are located here. By NL-DUX

René Wiley - Reflections in The Alley, 2012 (I love painting like this bc I can just imagine all the people who walk through the alley)

Degas' "The Green Dancer" 1879 "This was in the dance studio I grew up in all my life, brings back so many memories"

painted stairs from the dihzahyners project. beirut, lebanon.

Michelangelo, Delphic Sibyl (detail from the Sistine Chapel Ceiling), 1508-12

Kay Lynne Sattler makes pit fired coil pots with gold leaf. Inspired by the volcanic forms of her home in Hawaii.

Richard Estes - People's Flowers. - No Fee Apartment Rentals in NYC

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