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Minimaliste super hero Ginette- what do u think of these for a backdrop for ur chart? Too much? A different one for each foot?

Minimilist Super Hero Posters

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For next years post-athon on FB with my boyfriend.

As a geek, I approve. As a corporate type, I like how this shows the benefits of disrupting expectations. Also, I'm batman. (I'm not batman. If only.) You could also do Robin is red Nightwing is blue Rhyming is hard Being Batman is too

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But do I call the Michael Keaton, the Val Kilmer, the George Clooney, or the Christian Bale Batman.definitely the Christian Bale Batman!

Batman Helmet I MUST HAVE!

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Batman Ice-Cube Trays

28 Geeky Items Every Batman Fan Needs

Hopefully E wants a batman party Batman Ice Cube Tray. Here’s a fun geek party trick: Freeze tonic water in your Batman Ice Cube Tray. The quinine in tonic water will cause the bats to glow blue under black light.

I Heart Batman! tnb I Heart Gothom – Batman Illustration Pop Art Print by Bruce Yan

LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like father like son

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