Kentuck Knob

A six-sided skylight in the kitchen follows the hexagonal theme of Kentuck Knob, a home designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in Ohioplyle, Pa

Fireplace in Hollyhock, a Frank Lloyd Wright house

Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista, AR. Designed by Fay Jones, who was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Kentuck Knob. Frank Lloyd Wright, in Ohiopyle, Pa. 1956. Hexagon module repeated throughout home.

Kentuck Knob -- a great Frank Lloyd Wright home. Love it!

John C Pew House. Madison, Wisconsin. 1940. Usonian Style. Frank Lloyd Wright.

All sizes | Frank Lloyd Wright's Meyer May House V, Grand Rapids, MI | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hanna House, 'Honeycomb House'. Frank Lloyd Wright. 1936-7. Stanford, California. Usonian Style.

Kentuck Knob. Frank Lloyd Wright. Ohiopyle, Pa. 1956. Hexagon module repeated throughout home. Usonian Style.

Birdwatcher’s House by Jim Olson. 2006. Photo: Paul Warchol

frank lloyd wright

Usonia by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1950

Love the Frank Lloyd Wright Style on this house. The water adds a great dimension the the already incredible architecture seen here. Look at this house, it is so beautiful, the rill seems come out of the house. the color of the house similar to the color of the trees. makes it becomes one part of the the forest.

Bernard Schwartz House, 1939. Usonian Style. Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright

Brandes Residence. Sammamish, Washington. Usonian. Frank Lloyd Wright. 1952.

Falling Water - Kaufman House by frank Lloyd wright

Golf Club House. Yeoju (South Korea) designed by Shigeru Ban -- It would be interesting to see the pillar concept applied to traditional zillij patterns (I think alternating hexagons and triangles have a strong presence in Islamic tile design, but that zillij is traditionally more of a basket-weave design based on decagons.)

Frank Lloyd Wright -