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TWD Day 21. my weapon of choice is a Japanese sword, Katana 刀

Closeup of katana scabbard, tsubo, and hilt

Japanese sword, Katana, is a beautiful structure of art that is expressed through the craftsmen and the blade.

Practice blade handle. Roman with its colors--pewter and tan and brown. But still has the feel of a scim.

These swords look like they could have been crafted by Blackie after Zane taught him how to make them.

Sword Guard (Tsuba) Inscribed by Washida Mitsunaka (Japanese, born 1829

Japanese sword hand guard - Tsuba 鍔

Japanese sword guard, If i had way too much money I would totally get one of these and use it as a lightswitch cover.

Beau tsuba en fer incrusté de bronze doré et cuivre à décor ajouré de motifs de samouraïs et de soldats dans des paysages. Inscription à sept caractères au centre. XIXème siècle Diam. 7,5 cm