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Easy Care Houseplants • Tips & ideas for easy to grow and hard to kill houseplants!

LOVING SUCCULENTS Caring for this trendy plant. Ideas for planting

Very helpful in choosing plants for landscaping. These beautiful days we are having always makes me want to plant something.

Grow Extra-Easy Plants A beautiful, well-designed garden can be easy to care for if you include tough plants such as this drought-tolerant hens-and-chicks. Make sure you pick plants well adapted to your climate and growing conditions.

Use inexpensive wood spoons to make your own plant markers. Very cute and super easy!

Pulsatilla vulgaris - a great early bloomer for full sun and arid climates. Medicinally good for earaches

Obedient Plant Use obedient plant's pink or white spikes to create drama and form in your bouquets. This easy-growing wildflower earned its moniker because you can bend and twist the individual flowers to face different directions. Zones 2-8 Learn more about growing obedient plant.

PERENNIALS: Purple Coneflower One can never have too many of these loverlies!!!

Use Interesting Plants Include some plants in the garden that invite close inspection. For example, the real beauty of this Rex begonia leaf is in its swirling pattern. Here's a hint: Notice how the curled leaves echo the curving shapes of this garden's borders. Paying attention to details like this helps your garden feel more put together.

Big Daddy Hydrangea features 14 inch-wide cluster of blue and pink blooms! More hydrangeas:

Perennials for Mountain West gardening. Poppy Mallow looks like a nice ground cover.

Columbine: Easy to grow and beautiful, columbine blooms in spring and early summer. Part shade. Up to 3-ft tall. Zones 3-9. #cottagegarden