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Team Minato | Naruto Shippuuden #anime
If the rest of team Minato had survived... I wish then Naruto would have his parents.
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<3 Minato, Kakashi, Obito & Rin (Team Minato)  - added/entry by Usuratonkachi_:3 @ zerochan
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Day 3: Favorite Team This was super hard! (Team Sarutobi, Team Kakashi, Team Tobirama!!) I couldn't decide but I realized Team Minato will be my favorite! I mean Kakashi was the prodigy, Obito was the clumsy fool, and Rin was the medic!! And together they made a great team!! Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Obito he's just super funny! I really love their Leader, Minato Namikaze :3 so Team Minato will be my favorite
Team Minato
Younger Kakashi and Obito playing a prank on Minato~
The old team 7 is completed