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Whether you're stuck in old memories and loves or material assets, whatever is robbing your ability to be emotional present is CONTROLLING YOU--and PREVENTING YOU FROM GREATNESS!

A client told her husband she was unhappy. She complained he did nothing. Duh! Girl, ya want change? Every relationship breakdown involves 2 people. Change, and watch others change in response!

Holding onto grudges makes our pipes rusty. Clean out the rust so you can usher in sparkling water. Forgiveness is a cleansing gift for YOU!

Your past is yours, and that will never change. Deal with your demons so they can soon be gone.

If you want to rid a behavior, rid the payoff that you're deriving from engaging in it. It's that simple to dump a bad habit--or bad relationship!!

Forgiveness is for YOU, so you release the burden of pain. Remembering is for YOUR RELATIONSHIP, so you don't find yourselves in the same hot water again!!

Be certain in advance about the boundaries you want. If you put up with a relationship that is distrusting, recognize it's headed for derailment!

If you lose your breath in love--permanently--it's strangulation! Enjoy a healthy relationship that allows your freedom to grow.

BECOME that which you want to ATTRACT!! Poof! It will happen like magic.

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