Simple catapults. Right?

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How to Make a Straw Rocket. Great for a rainy day!

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15 Simple Science Projects For Kids. Kids? I'm thinking they look fun and may do some of them myself! :-)

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Keep the kids busy this summer constructing and playing with their own marshmallow catapults - made from supplies you have around the house.

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bubble snakes = easy quick craft.... fun AND easy for the kids to do.

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"Elephant" toothpaste. Fun!

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crafts with craft sticks - Google Search

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Flute from straws

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Its Not Rocket Science, or Is It? Simple Straw Bottle Rockets | Child Central Station

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These 12 catapult crafts are so fun your kids won't even realize they're learning physics when they make them!

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Popsicle stick catapult. I see this being a last day of school activity ...

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How To Build A Simple Wooden Catapult Project » The Homestead Survival

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Popsicle stick harmonica. AWESOME!

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A fun way to include math/science - pom-pom catapulting (make fun pom-pom turkeys for it!)

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