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Don't think about how she wants to be pranked just once more by Fred, wants eager Colin back for just one more class, one more day with the Marauders in detention, one more time seeing flaming pink hair in the back of the class. Just one more time. But she won't get it and that's why I want to cry.

AHG Father's eye shape✔️ Father's eye color✔️ Father's hair color✔️ Mother's nose✔️ ....also notable that while Satine's sister is badass I doubt she'd abandon her son when Mandos are all about loyalty and there are no other mentions of Satine having other siblings.....but that's none of MY business ☕️

Lol. But dontbhis eyebrows take up like half the countrynif hes a landmass... Lol the people probably flee to one half of Britian~"ahhh!!! Look at those bloody big eyebrows! Quick run! Its safe over there!"

The new photos of Captain Jack and Ianto's return to Torchwood are just adorable

Torchwood new episodes: Big Finish confirm Captain Jack, Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper will return for a new series this November

Thomas wellll....this spoiled The Death Cure just a bit...oh well I already found out someone else who is immune, maybe it isn't a big spoiler