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i may have already pinned this... but holy crap.... look at those eyes.... his face... his hair... pure flawless

i may have already pinned this. but holy crap. look at those eyes. his face. his hair.

Ladies and gentlemen!! I present to you the next star of "Keeping up with One Direction"!! Two days ago it was Zayn slamming NB (true), then Harry's planned death (true but going to be stopped), then Louis's new child (Idk about this one), and Niall's new gf (pretty sure it's NOT true, he is rumored to be with Selena's BFF but the has been hanging with that crew a lot lately anyway). Tune in tomorrow to hear more!!

this makes me really happy>>> this was at my concert!

DIY Yellow Minion Costumes the the Silly Ones

One of the favorite costume characters of Despicable Me fans is dressing up like one of the silly minions. Pulling together a basic minion costume is easy, especially if you already own a pair of denim overalls and goggles. The minions have been a.

A puppy holding a puppy. This picture contains too much cuteness.

im literally dying because i love this photo so much it's in my top 10 liam pics and i cant breath i love PUPPIES

He's perfect no matter what face he makes. If you dont think so you're dilusional and need to jump off a cliff or something.

Whats weird is my friend scrrenshot this picture while I wad at her house earlier today, and now I'm pinning it. Ignore me I'm a loser.


Oh My Gosh. aw Liam and Leory.✌ Liam has to see this tag him please.


Cute Liam Payne One Direction pillow case, cover ( 1 or 2 Side Print With Size 36 inch )

Liam with last night>>>Leeyum look either high or drunk XD