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My friend wanted photos of me looking at artworks during Art Fair Philippines 2015

Whether it is a friend's betrayal, a broken relationship, family problems, etc. We all go through pain and hurt in our lives that leave us asking, "Why God?" We may not know why these things are happening, but we can rest assured that God knows why. Rather than praying, "God I don't want to go through this," lets pray, "God, I don't know what you're doing, but your will be done."

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Tbh<< know....the beach will be a much more pleasant experience

"My mom doesn't want my little brother to do ballet because she thinks it'll "turn him gay". I got my brother ballet classes taught by my best friend today. He's happier than ever, but it's our secret."

I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS!! I am showing you a literal piece of my soul the least you can do is PRETEND to enjoy it

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Okay i know what we all want to happen but come on. I've shared a bed with my friends of the same sex before. Even if it wasn't romantically they most likely shared the bed platonically. I mean its more comfortable than sleeping in the same bed with someone they didn't know as well

Paleo Steak Salad with Creamy Garlic Vinaigrette

Be careful what you ask for my friends. You told me you wanted lunch ideas and meal preps. I aim to please and I gotcha covered! I surprised my steak loving hubs with this salad today. He was so happy, it was worth the effort to hide it until today. The salad and creamy garlic vinaigrette dressing are #whole30 so why not dig in? If you want the recipe it's in my profile now! Oh and the amazing steak is @5280meat tenderloin. How's that for delicious? #paleo #mealprep #mealprepo...