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"I suggest, unless you like the feeling of a hook, piercing flesh, you shove off, Your Majesty" - Killian and the Evil Queen #OnceUponATime


The dating game.

He went straight to kiss me, and I even saw his fangs. If I were human, they would have cut my lips and made me a vampire, but I already was one. "You were going to turn me?!" I shout at him. "Oh, shoot! I got carried away! Wait... you aren't freaking out?" he asks me, pulling back. "Of course not," I reply. "I'm a vampire, too."


A new immortal.

It's a funny concept, but my favorite is the part about being mistaken for an enchanted well. I can picture the immortal getting bored and playing along for a few decades and then having a disgruntled wisher come back to complain about everything that went wrong after they made their wish/got their advice. And maybe it turns out that the wisher became immortal as a result of it and are coming back to say that they know exactly what's going on and the trapped immortal can just sit and think…

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 'Service' Negan meets Father Gabriel

Effortless artsy, rusty, crusty effects are all the rage right now, thanks to Modern Masters and their fabulous new Paint Oxidizing Finish Kits that come in Rust, Green, and Blue. If you love crusty stuff, like old cars, metal accessories, and even artwork, we are kindred spirits. For years I have been scavenging in the local junkyard for years to grab gorgeous scraps of real copper and rust, made by nature, to incorporate into custom metal artwork for clients.