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Old berber silver amulet necklace from Morrocco, old ethnic necklace, berber jewelry, tribal necklace, morrocan jewellery, berber amulet

An old Amazigh (Berber) amulet necklace from Taroudant, Morocco with nine small silver amulet boxes with brass backings engraved with a floral design and enamel much of which has rubbed off'.

Tuareg Gri Gri AMULET on dark Leather with TIFINAGH signs

Africa | Tuareg Gri Gri amulet on dark coloured leather with Tifinagh signs. | Tifinagh is the written language of the Tuareg. | Tuareg wear this to protect themselves from bad spirits.

North African Necklace with various beads

Tuareg Amulet with beads made of sandglass, wood with silver inlay, small silver beads and African flamed painted beads. (Necklace with onyx small beads) Total Length: 58 cm Please convo for more information! Back to the webshop 'Vintage Tuareg Jewelry':

'love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. it is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.' ~ sri aurobindo

Finger Ring Date: 7th century Geography: Made in Northern France Culture: Frankish Medium: Copper alloy, gilding, gold, glass paste cabochon...

Vintage Tuareg 'Korkoro' Pendant Traditionnally made by the Inaden Silversmiths Tribe. The Korkoro is allso worn by Tuaregmen as Turban Jewel. Material: Silver melange Measures: 9 cm x 6 cm Total Length Leather cords: 51 cm Please convo for more information! Back to the webshop 'Desert Jewelry':