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this is so I found out when we were in DR, people asked me and I of course said Texas! ...If you go to a foreign country and people ask you where you're from and you're from Texas, that's what you tell them. If you're from any other state, you tell them "The US."

  • Jonathan Pendleton

    I'm pretty sure Texas joined the Confederacy after overthrowing a loyalist Governor who didn't want to join the Confederacy. Thereafter, despite quite valiant efforts, Texas was a part of the losing Confederate States of America in the United States' Civil War. Thus, making Texas both traitors to the TRUE American flag, and losers. So I'm not sure why you would want to align with a state full of racist losers, who do not even put their trust in their own government.

  • allie davis

    Ummm, who said we were racist? Believe it or not, buddy, despite what the general pop. believes, the Civil War was hardly even about slaves. It was about a number of things, but mostly state's rights. In other words, where the government could not get too big for its own good, and the states could make most of their own laws close to home.

  • allie davis

    STOP stereotyping us, dadgum it! You still haven't answered my first question.

  • allie davis

    Yes, in most ways the Confederacy was not a good idea. But it backed up some political and even cultural values that people today admit work. It is not that the Confederates were racist or rebellious. They thought the government was dealing them a bad hand (much like the War for Independence) and they wanted to stand up for their rights. You cannot blame them for that, no matter how flawed their plan was.

  • Jonathan Pendleton

    So then why, in the 21st century do you still hold anti-Obama rallies alongside I-30 in the Fort Worth area?? Is it because you do not trust the President's political ideas, or because you feel your oil tycoons are being dealt a bad hand??

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An original drawing turned into letterpress plates and printed on our big Chandler & Price letterpress. This print is printed with archival rubber-based, non-toxic ink on luxurious 110Lb. Crane's Lettra Fluorescent white paper.

Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas State Necklace in Silver with Heart by DestinysCreations, $55.00 ordering it!

As a child, heading home after a long car drive, we would sing this song once we could see our hometown city lights twinkling in the distance... It always symbolized we were almost home. Ah - memories!

Route 66 Welcome to Texas roadside sign

Hey Jordan Greene and Dionne Ukleja, this is for you. Apparently they make lots of cute Texas-themed prints.

Bought this in an 8x10 and LOVE IT! It is the TX counties written in the shape of the state. I just wish I had gotten the 11x14 instead.

I wish that heart was a big chunk of velveeta cheese just about to be melted into a tub of queso. then it would really be home to me.

Texas!- states I have not been to yet Airports don't count.. I've been on the ground there technically..