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    . Night shift problems

    Top 16 Hilarious Sayings | Just laughs fun and humor - Part 2

    My wrinkles are from laughter, Well, except those lines between my eyebrows... THOSE are my WTF lines & those fuckers are DEEP!

    The struggle continues..

    Ain't that the truth ;)

    250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards | NurseBuff

    Truth! 2 types of people.

    ohmygosh i'm dying

    True that! :)

    Uplifting words for the day

    Ha, hardly even that ! Kids never leave you alone long enough to do much.

    I hate when the debit/credit card reader at the checkout asks if the amount is okay? No. It's not. I want all this crap for a dollar.

    Can we give you Justin Bieber(I like lady gaga) and Nicki Minaj and get Jimmy back?! R.I.P Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

    Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is M. Shadows. | Seasonal Ecard |

    One time, a bitch at my school said that I only like A7X because my friend likes them. That bitch was never heard from again. She was killed... by the knife master.

    Our biggest dream

    I usually don't need labwork to tell me that...

    Weak, whiny, nosy bitch. so true...remember who started it? oh ya that was YOU!! idiot

    Really great.