DUTCH Braided Top Knot

french braid bun

4. Waterfall Braid Here’s another gorgeous braid that makes a fabulous hairstyle for long hair! Again, it may be a little confusing at the start but once …

How to braid.

Scarf Top Knot

Braid & bun

French Braid and Sock Bun

french braid hairstyle

3 Hair Bun Tutorials - the perfect top knot.

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Anatomy of a top knot

Braided Top Knot with Plaits

Tutorial: all kinds of buns.

How To: Top Knot. She explains it quickly and so well! Oh my goodness this is the PERFECT messy bun! This is how I have always done, no need for all those bobby pins! Wore my curly low messy bun in a friends wedding doing it this way!

Pretty braid and up do

french braid top knot


gorg eyebrows

How to get a perfect bun every time.