no-glaze techniques

clay colored with oil pastels the bathed in watered down black tempera paint - final rinse under water and tah-dah!!! gorgeous - tartteaching

It's Art Day!: Clay and Weaving!

Nativity - white glaze on red clay - these pieces are fun to make! :)


one day clay

Fourth grade clay fish. Incised slab with craypa/tempera resist. Clear coated with spray paint.

ArtSmudge - 5 different non-glaze color/finishing techniques for clay

Applying Japanese tissue paper to clay is a fun easy way to create interesting surface designs on clay. To apply Japanese tissue paper to clay, follow the steps below: Step 1: Make your handmade pl...

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Merry+Minnows+Clay+Fish+Ornaments+by+terraworks+on+Etsy,+$12.00. Wouldn't these make cute tests for glazes?

Why I Love Art: Alternative to glazing ceramic tiles

new clay tile techniques - slump glass in the windows/openings

clay slab vases. Decorated with scraffito —scratching designs into the glaze before firing.

Use oil pastel to color, then paint over with black ink or watercolor. Great way to 'color' a clay piece, especially if you are on a tight budget!!

Clay Club - trimming with a jar lid

LOOK! It's like a 3/D Zentangle sculpture! Oil Based Clay, Zentangle Relief Sculpture


clay bubble bowl, big kids can make this on a smaller scale than usual, - then it all comes down to the painting and finishing of it, paint it solid then distress with watered down paint

Cheeseboard handmade from textured porcelain clay and glazed in soft watercolor blue.    Approx. 11" x 5"    Handmade in North Carolina

Making Clay Pendants, Earrings & Buttons. Great info on making and finishing.