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    no-glaze techniques

    new clay tile techniques - slump glass in the windows/openings

    Non-Traditional Glazing Techniques for Elementary Art

    Why I Love Art: Alternative to glazing ceramic tiles

    Encaustic glazing techniques with Francesca Azzara.

    The glaze is as follows: 21 Gerstley Borate 16 Nepheline syenite 11 China Clay 20 Whiting 32 Silica 5 Tin oxide 0.15 Chromium oxide

    How to glaze demo

    clay colored with oil pastels the bathed in watered down black tempera paint - final rinse under water and tah-dah!!! gorgeous - tartteaching

    Merry+Minnows+Clay+Fish+Ornaments+by+terraworks+on+Etsy,+$12.00. Wouldn't these make cute tests for glazes?

    Free shipping and returns on Denby Fluted Mug at Made in England using locally sourced clay, a bold handcrafted fluted mug is designed with two glazes that merge together to create a unique effect.

    Lots of cold finishes for bisque including watercolor, colored pencil and more

    Making Clay Pendants, Earrings & Buttons. Great info on making and finishing.

    Applying Japanese tissue paper to clay is a fun easy way to create interesting surface designs on clay. To apply Japanese tissue paper to clay, follow the steps below: Step 1: Make your handmade pl...


    made with clay


    Making a Simple Animal out of Clay.... it's really not that simple...and I LOVE the mouse running around. Shows hollowing before firing and finishing with paint and varnish. (7:44)

    Kindergarten- press a ball of clay into etched foam, paint with coat of green glaze

    Definitely cool: The Kandinsky Effect- definitely using this one

    Learn how to pair Amaco's low fire clay and glazes to get cool results.