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The Colour of Psychology .. create palettes that evoke the appropriate audience reactions

Colors and Culture - How colours are understood by various world cultures and religions. Interesting just how varied colour symbolism can be!

Business: Want To Be A Freelancer?

Colors affect us in countless ways—mentally and physically, consciously and subconsciously. Psychologists have suggested that color impression can a

Japanese Art Festival — Martin Jancso

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Infographic. I know I have a LOT of color infographics already, but I think this one's a bit different. The other ones are more about how color affects a person's emotions, but this one is about how to put colors together. // I cannot stress enough how IMPORTANT knowledge of colour coordination is a strong fashion sense.

Color Happy 69 I’m really lov­ing the incred­i­bly sophis­ti­cated color palette of this over­sized Map of the Future info­graphic. If you’re inter­ested in the back­ground of this project, be sure to check out this in depth arti­cle by Density Design. And you can also get a closer look at the detail by check­ing out the larger ver­sion on Flickr.

The Evolution of Olympic Coverage [#infographic] - communication from basic to social media

Color is always a fascinating topic and have been some of the most popular infographics we’ve shared on the blog. Color preferences by gender, logo colors of the web, and whether or not colors impact sales have all been infographics we’ve run.