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Toothbrush sanitizer

Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer - zaps up to of germs and bacteria. To sanitize, simply insert your toothbrush and press the button. When the light stops blinking, your toothbrush is germ-free!

VIOlight  Signature Family Countertop UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Violife Countertop Toothbrush Sanitizer Keep your entire family healthier with the Violife Countertop UV Sanitizer. It kills of all germs with a special germicidal UV bulb, leaving each toothbrush fresh and clean for the next use.

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Keep your toothbrush germ-free for 3 months -- This little cap is infused with thymol, a naturally occurring germ-killing compound. No plug-ins, batteries or chargers. Just clip it over your toothbrush and it goes to work. Great for travel!

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Sutiã especial possui compartimento secreto para guardar celular

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