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Eco Factor: Concept vehicle run on hybrid propulsion system and four electric engines. Students from FH Joanneum University came out with six design concepts in collaboration with KTM. One of these concepts, the KTM AX, a four-wheel concept buggy, is

Conquest Evade - Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle for the Rich and Famous. $579,000

Conquest Evade

Evade is the first unarmored luxury SUV from Conquest Vehicles. Different in many ways from the Knight XV, the sport utility vehicle is still a real stunne

Shadow Of The Colossal Robot

Shadow Of The Colossal Robot

Kait Kybar is an Estonian artist based in Sweden who works at Starbreeze.

miltary hummer | Hummer Ultimate Fighter Armoured Military Vehicle RTR RC Electric ...

miltary hummer | Hummer Ultimate Fighter Armoured Military Vehicle RTR RC Electric ...

Finalmente estão prontas… que venha a próxima!

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Corrida Tubo Chassi do carro Início Construir BURRO MAU - Grandes Lagos 4x4. O maior fórum offroad no Centro-Oeste

Race Car Tube Chassis Home Build -- This is a race car / street rod / home built / bad ass Go Cart from Hell.

Cute little  car..

Glass Egg Concept Cars - The Citroen EGGO is a Curvy Coupe Designed for the Youth of the Future

American Auto Transporters This is how we Make it happen. #LGMSports move it with http://LGMSports.com KTM AX concept

this is a idea who its main goal is to bring ATV vehicles a more aesthethic appearance, improving weight and stability.

For most people, a bumpy, muddy, rocky road would be a driving nightmare. But for some, the rougher the road the better. In fact, for a group of adventurers known as off-roaders, their off-road obsession means that no road is best of all.Off-roading is a term used to describe driving on unpaved grou

Afternoon Drive: Off-Road Adventures (30 Photos)