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Naan Khatai Or Sugar Cookies These amazing little cookies are a sweet treat from India & Pakistan. Easy to make & disappear in no time (at my house)!

Cardamom Sugar Cookies

Crispy Cinnamon Cookies

Crispy Cinnamon Cookies- whole wheat cookies, lightly sweetened and flavored with cinnamon & nutmeg. Great for tea time! #cookies #eggless #baking

Arroz Con Leche

Arroz Con Leche Recipe - creamy Mexican rice pudding with cinnamon and raisins. A completely authentic yet gluten free dessert that's easy to make and delicious served hot or cold


By Katie The direct translation from Dari into English of awb e dundawn, the name of these delectable Afghan cookies, is “water from the teeth”. I'm guessing that's the Afghan way of saying, “melt in your mouth".And these cookies will melt in your mouth.They should:Each one packs a hefty tablespoon of butter and oil. Cooking fats are considered quite precious in Afghanistan.One of the ways Afghans, who are famous for their hospitality, honor their guests is to serve them the fattiest cut of…

My Favorite Cornbread

With its full flavor, tender texture, and crunchy/honey/buttery edges, it's easy for me to say that this is my favorite cornbread recipe!