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"Going Local: How to Dig and Process Your Own Clay" by Graham Sheehan, from the Ceramic Arts Daily site. It may be impractical to have students process clay for school projects, but why not teach them about where clay comes from and how it is processed for use! An important 'teachable' experience!

In today's post, Paul Donnelly takes us throughhis handle-making process. It's a great alternative to pulled handlesbecause it cuts down on the mess and the drying time, and still makeslovely, elegant handles. - Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

To many of us, surface texture is an afterthought. We throw or handbuild our pottery and then stamp, scratch or carve texture into the surface. And while we have an idea of how we would like the texture to work with our pot’s design, the two parts of the process (design/construction and surface decoration/finishing techniques)... Read More »

In ceramics there are many things that you have to practice over and over before things click. Wedging is one of those things. At first, everybody wedges more air into the clay than they take out and it just takes time and experience to learn how to wrangle the clay into a nice homogeneous mass.... Read More »

Cream Pitcher

Glaze developed by Jason Trebs ( Portland Cement Glaze (grams) Portland Cement 1000 Wood Ash 1000 Grolleg Kaolin 400 Custer Feldspar 125 Bone Ash 100 Freeze and thaw.

Vintage Ceramic Teapot

Unique vintage ceramic studio pottery teapot.Lovely earthy tones beige,brown,khaki. Excellent condition. Measures 9 wide x 8 tall