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i whip my hair back and forth...A Summer In Photos. this one is AWESOME and i don't even care how cliche these pictures are

from Undead Infinity

Photography: Horror Portrait

horror fashion photography | The photo belongs to DeviantArt user Syda-Ginger . The little poem was ...

.This truly is one of my all time favorite fantasies of what I really did look like, and one of the best I was a Bad Girl too plays! lol Ya ALL know we so this!! come on :-)

.He ruined my Pantyhose but Julie got the whole fight on her I phone and his humiliation is up on you-tube Me beating him to the Phuck!... It has 50,000 hits and it's only been up a little more than an hour...Did He,?...Hell Yes He Cried...And he kissed my ass...

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75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

(4 of 8) The Eight Dreamiest Proposals of all Times


Sometimes I wanna disappear

Kate Moss - great outfit

So I am usually not a fan of garter pictures, but some how this escapes being slutty and is just fabulous. If my leg looks like that on my wedding day I might recreate it. Maybe.

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